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Sumeet Singh's biography

Sumeet Singh is a author, architect and advocate on cybernetics,
cyberware and cyborgs from Sydney, Australia. His ambition aspires to a
post-scarcity future where humans have autonomy to augment themselves in becoming
better by merging with machines.

His loves range from animals, fashion, technology, horror, tattoos, and body
modification as well as being an ardent bibliophile and linguist.

Blending his passions together he researches, develops, and documents
science, philosophy and technology related to biomedical engineering such as
cyberware, and cyborgs.

He's an advocate on universal rights to all artificial humans be they cyborgs, androids or artificial intelligence, with a goal to help the human race adapt to an artificial mechanical dominated future by merging humans and machines together.

  • Author

    Sumeet Singh is an author on articles and books revolving around biomedical engineering sciences and philosophies, such as cyberware, cyborgs, and trans/post humanism.

  • Architect

    Sumeet Singh is the founder of the world's first Cybernetics, Cyberware and Cyborg clinic, providing everything from research, education, products and support on cybernetics, cyberware and cyborgs.

  • Advocate

    Sumeet Singh is a social volunteer assisting the lives of all humans especially those neurodivergent and handicapped, and spokesperson on artificial human rights.

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