Early life


Sumeet Singh, born on September 18, 1991, in Sydney, Australia, is the younger of two sons born to Anilta and Dalip Chand.

Anilta Chand, born on January 2, 1956, in Suva, Fiji, began her professional journey after completing high school, initially working in the Housing Authority in Fiji. She showcased her diverse skill set as a legal typist, bookkeeper, and accountant. Anilta migrated to Sydney, Australia, on October 22, 1988, where she found employment with TUTA before Sumeet's birth. Throughout her life, she worked at various medical institutes, including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA).


Fiji Islands



The Fiji islands, consisting of two major islands Vanua Levu (South) and Viti Levu (North)


Dalip Chand, born on April 18, 1953, in Labasa, Fiji, is a Pundit, polymath, and polyglot proficient in fields such as, medical sciences, linguistics, and music. His academic journey took him to universities across the globe, from the University of South Pacific (USP), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) to the University of Sydney (USYD).

His professional expertise ranged from general pathology to veterinary science, haematology, microbiology, and epidemiology eventually founding work as a handyman franchisee owner due to his senile genetic diabetic related illness requiring constant physical exercise to survive.


Vanua Levu island Fiji

Vanua Levu is the second largest island of Fiji


Sumeet spent his childhood in Tempe, NSW, Australia, attending Tempe Public School before his family relocated to Marrickville, where he completed his primary education at Marrickville West Public School. His earliest introduction to commercial science stemmed from accompanying his father to his laboratory worksite.


Sumeet's first drama at Marrickville West Public School.


After graduating from Casimir Catholic College in Marrickville, Sumeet pursued a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree at the University of Western Sydney. His professional journey commenced with an IT support role, gradually expanding his expertise in technology, business, and life. To this day, Sumeet remains committed to exploring the interface between humanity and technology through research and discovery.


Personal life


Sumeet Singh is a director, consultant, scientist, and author on cybernetics, cyberware and cyborgs from Sydney, Australia. His ambition aspires to a post-scarcity future where humans have autonomy to augment themselves in becoming better by merging with machines.

His loves range from animals, fashion, technology, horror, tattoos, and body modification as well as being an ardent bibliophile and linguist.

Blending his passions together he researches, develops, and documents science, philosophy and technology related to biomedical engineering such as cyberware, and cyborgs.

He's an advocate on universal rights to all artificial humans be they cyborgs, androids or artificial intelligence, with a goal to help the human race adapt to an artificial mechanical dominated future by merging humans and machines together.

Acknowledging the fictional nature of theological scriptures such as the Gathas and Vedas he entertains the belief that all life natural or artificial possesses a soul.