Delay with book "Cybernetics, Cyberware and Cyborgs"

Date: 06/09/2023

Sorry everyone. I'm looking for a forward (book introduction) from a person discussed within the book who lives overseas that I would like to personally visit first.

I can't give an ETA as I'm busy with life (mostly volunteering in Sydney & studying in my spare time so forgive me) but expect hopefully by end of year 2024.


Let's make YouTube/Tik Tok vids on Cyborgs together!

I'm looking for non paid hobby film makers to I'm looking to start shooting a 10+ min monthly ongoing documentary series on Cyborgs, Disability, Biomedical Engineering, androids and Posthumanism.This will be casual filming in our careers free times. Please share for me.

With guest speakers such as professors, doctors and cyborgs etc., with various universities, hospitals, etc., we'll get to experience seeing body parts replaced for prosthetics, androids, hospitals in surgery, chasing Steve Haworth's creations, and more

I cannot pay you (sad I know I'm not Scrooge McDuck) and we'll' be using existing filming gear (Hero 9-11, with Rode Mics, MacBook Pro's for editing etc.,)


Ongoing Biomedical Engineering Meetup

You can regularly catch me at the Biomedical Engineering, Cyberware and Cyborgs meetups group (Physically and online) here


Ongoing Open Source projects

My GitHu is below, feel free to contribute anytime